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Palestine Oasis 

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rafic.jpg (20665 bytes) ball.gif (1653 bytes)MY NAME IS : RAFIC ADNAN EL-SALEH- Rane
Iam business adminstration and managment and puplic relation degree holder, also software & hardware computer science,

ball.gif (1653 bytes)Iam from Akka city in north of  Palestine ((  Tarsheeha )) . I  pursued my school education in Beirut and there after further education in higher studies in  Managment & Public Relation .

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ball.gif (1653 bytes)My country Palestine and Jerusalem city  still occupied by Israeli enemy . I have never seen my country and hope one day I will be able to come back to my  home country ,as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world from the beginning of civilization . It is a country of  three religiousness Muslims , Christians and jews . It is a country of  JESUS Christ born in BETHLEHEM city and a country of  MOHAMMED (S.A.A.W) that he ascended .

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Professional level football player , represented my state team  palestine as well as leading clubs in Lebanon ,Palestine . read a lot , with interests in travel , sightseeing ,swimming , reading ,   islamic education , adventures  and  mountains climbing .etc.....

My home land PALESTINE:cool.gif (20760 bytes)

I wish to reminiscence the holy land of PALESTINE , the passing beauty, fragrance and flauna , its undying natural beauty the retention of tradition ...

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Public Relation Manager

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Believe in Yourself and remember that any thing is possible

Believe in what makes you feel good. Believe in what makes you happy Believe in the dreams You have always wanted to come true and give them every chance to…..Life holds no promises as what will come your way .You must search for your own ideals and work towards reaching them. Life makes no guarantees as to what you will have .It just gives you time to make choices and to take chances . and to discover whatever secrets that might come your way.If you are willing to take the opportunities you are given and utilize the abilities you have,You will constanty fill your life which speacial moments and unforgettable times .No one knows the mystries of life or its ultimate meaning ,But for those who are willing to believe in their dreams and in themselvies .Life is a precious gift in which any thing is possible .
Rafic Adnan El-saleh

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