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Palestine Oasis

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Al-Aqsa Intifada

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In the name of humanity to give this page a few seconds of your time to understand what is happening now in Jerusalem. Innocent women and children are being murdered by the Israeli soldiers !

The attached pictures show a 12-year old child, being shot and lying dead in his father's lap, killed before his own eyes. The innocent child Mohamed Al Durah was savagely shot to death for no crime that he or his father has committed. They were trapped in a corner where there was no escape and were pleading for mercy. Their plea was answered by a shot gun. The
child bled to death in his father's arms.
Hundreds like Mohamed have been and are being killed. They are deprived from land, shelter and basic human rights. The crises in Jerusalem is no more a matter of nationality or race. It has exceeded these borders to become a world wide issue.

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The Map Of  Innocent Child Mohamed Al Durah Was savagely Shot By Isreali Criminers

                                                       The killing of a child

 Gamal is an ordinary worker living in Gaza.He had nine children - until September 30th, 2000.That day, Gamal went out with his son Mohammed to buy a car. On their way, and without any warning, The Israeli occupation army post started firing in their direction.

Gamal clutched his son and took cover behind a large cement block. When the firing ceased, Gamal waved his arms to point out to the soldiers that he was unarmed. He pointed to the terrified child holding him.The firing continued. Every time Gamal attempted to move, a hail of bullets came flying around him.

Meanwhile, a French TV crew was filming what was happening. Then, two Palestinian paramedics attempted to snatch the father and son. They were shot.One died on the spot, the other was injured seriously. If there was any hope of escape in Gamal's mind, it no longer existed. He tried to hide his son behind him, he held him close to him while Mohammed was crying and clutching his tormented father's T-shirt.After an hour of their ordeal, Mohammed was finally hit by a bullet and died.He was 12 years old.He lay there facing the earth, while his father Gamal was leaning on the wall as bullets continued to rain down on him.His father survived. He is paralysed.

Last updated 1 October 2000 Written and   Designed  By Rafic Adnan  El-saleh
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