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RA 90.1 Adhan (Dawn and Standard)
RA 90.2 Adhan (From Makkah)
RA 90.3 Adhan (Call to Prayer)
RA 90.4 Adhan (From Makkah)
RA 90.5 Adhan (From Madinah)
RA 90.6 Adhan (Call to Prayer)
RA 90.7 Adhan (From Turkey) | 28.8kbps
RA 90.8 Adhan (From Masjid Omar, Los Angeles)
RA 90.9 Adhan (From Masjid-e-Aqsa) | 28.8kbps
RA 90.20 Introduction to Salat (Prayers)
RA 90.21 Salat Al-Fajr
RA 90.22 Salat Al-Zuhr
RA 90.23 Salat Al-Asr
RA 90.24 Salat Al-Maghrib
RA 90.25 Salat Al-Isha
RA 90.50 Hajj "Takbir"
RA 90.51 Hajj "Talbiah" (Labbayka)
RA 90.100 Prayer Qhatam Al-Qur'an (From Makkah)

Note: Requires at least a 14.4kbps connection, unless specified otherwise.