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Palestine Oasis

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Palestine Cities

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Jerusalem City
Akka City "Acre"

Acre {ahk'-ur} (Arabic: Acca) is a coastal city of Palestine, on the Bay of Haifa. Acre is famous for its surrounding high walls and is called the city of "Sh. Ahmad Basha al-Jazzar", who prevented French Napoleon from conquering it. Acre is also famous for its old Arab inns and the mosque of Ahmad Basha al-Jazzar (shown above with the tallest minaret). To the left is a side view of al-Jazzar mosque. Acre has been under occupation since 1948. Many of the Islamic and Palestinian historic landmarks have been radically changed by occupation. cityakka.jpg (124324 bytes)


Haifa {hy'-fah} situated at the foot of Mount Carmel and at the southern end of the Bay of Haifa, 19 km (12 mi) south of Acca. Haifa is Palestine's leading Mediterranean seaport. Haifa has been under occupation since 1948. Many of its remaining mosques have been turned into bars and museums.





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Hebron City " El Khalil"

Hebron {hee'-bruhn} (Arabic: El Khalil) is a city in the southern part of the West Bank. More than 100,000 Palestinians live in Hebron. Glassware and leather-goods manufacturing as well as food processing are the principal industries, and in the surrounding region grains, grapes, and vegetables are grown. Hebron is a sacred place for Muslims. Founded in the first half of the 2nd millennium BC, it was the home of Ibrahim (pbuh) and his family. El-Khalil is named after Khalil al-Rahman, nick name for Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh). The city was under Islamic rule from 635 to 1100, when the Crusaders gained control. Retaken by Muslims in 1260, it came iunder Ottoman control in the 16th century. Hebron was part of the British mandate of Palestine from 1922 until 1948 when it was incorporated into Jordan. Since the Six Day War of 1967 it has been under Israeli occupation. The Ibrahimi Mosque, has a burial site of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) and his family. citykhalil.gif (113565 bytes)

Nablous City

Nablus {Na-blos} Nablus is the largest town on the West Bank. Situated 67 kms north of Jerusalem, 570 m above sea level in the valley between the biblical Mount Ebal (called in Arabic Jabal Sitt Sulaymiyya) and Mount Gerizim (Jabal alTur). Nablus is the natural capital of the mountain region of northen Palestine. The surrounding land is notable for its olive groves and orchards, including figs, walnuts, apricots, mulberries, pomegranates and vines, with a few date palms. Yet the town boasts almost two millennia of continuous history, with buildings from Roman to

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Ottoman times, shrines of biblical prophets, bath-houses, palaces and soap factories where soap is still made in the traditional way, all set amid the colourful bustle of a typical Middle Eastern market town. The city is famous of Middle Eastern sweets. Nablus has a population of 130,000 Palestinians. In 636 the Muslim Arabs opened the town. The famous tenth-century geographer al-Muqaddasi wrote that the town abounded in olives and was named "the little Damascus" and that its market place was very extensive. It had a Great Mosque very finely paved, the houses were built of stone and a stream of running water flowed through the town. In 1099, Crusaders invaded the city and took control of it, until 1187 when it was liberated by Salahuddin. At the time of Ottoman control, Nablus became capital of a district (sanjak) under the control of a local governor in the province of Damascus. The Ottomans built palaces with iron gates similar to the medieval family palaces in Italian cities. It was said that the largest building, the Tuqqan Palace, could accomodate l,OOO soldiers. Many of the religious buildings in Nablus also date from that period, as do the soap factories.

Nazareth City " Al-Naserah"

  Nazareth {naz'-uh-reth} (Arabic: al-Naserah) is a town in Lower Galilee (Arabic: al-Jalil), near the Sea of Galilee. Most of the inhabitants are Palestinians and have been under occupation since 1948.



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