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Palestine Oasis

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Husni El-saleh

Our Great Palestinan Leader in 1936 - 1948

And Palesitnian Poet

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Hussni El-saleh The Great Palestinain Poet


Peace has died and Branches are Martyered

In the name of law a homeland is lost and
the sanctity of human rights has been distressed

The grieving Aqsa' and our pangs are overlocked
and our olive branches are martyered

Pigeons scream for arab chivalry
in oblivion plunged

Oh , Palestine my homeland hidden deep in my heart
shall never to water convert

The throns we pluck out
the land we plant with flowers

On horse back we place saddles
and march on glorios mornings



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Last updated 1 January 2000 Written and   Designed  By Rafic Adnan  El-saleh
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