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Palestine is engraved only in the memory of the millions of displaced Palestinains Its a poignant cry and hope of many to rekindle the flame of hope before it evaporates and dissolves into the rivers and oceans .
not an autobiography or memories , but a humble efforts to record its heritage and history before the death of  this generations , an era of displaced and stateless people having to write their history in blood .
This is the story  of Palestine  an adorning  flower in our  bosom , living  in the hearts of  its sons with  the great  love and pride .
On 15 th  MAY , 1948  the flower withered , with the spread horror and sadness which was imposed onthem , with vagrancy being moved away with the help force . A visit to the holy land in unforgattable experience remaining in the soul

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ball.gif (1653 bytes)The article serves as a collection of memories expressing a simple part to the soul so painful and seeing and longing and remembering the ancestral holly land .It intended to serve as attribute to my homeland , to refresh , remind and rekindle the memories , hopes and aspiration of many , fellow  who are scattered around the four corners of the globe . to keep burning the desire and glimmer of hope of returning one day to our beloved homeland Palestine , to return home and keep alive our ties to the motherland - a land which is so close ,  yet so far. Palestine Oasis also provides facts about jerusalem ,palestine folklore islamic ,culture and education subjects . 

Palestine Oasis pages tells you what to expect .
You are invited to surf all the contents of these pages.

 RAFIC Adnan El-saleh

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