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Palestine Oasis

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Al-aqsa - Massacre

Al-aqsa is a   Holly Mosaquee in jerusalem  city the Capital  of  Palestine. It was attacked by the Israeli Terrorist Army in 29/9/2000


Palestine , So We don't Forget ...


If we hunt down  of  Isreal   enemy  origin's .......... We   found , evil , harted , racism , criminers.
Please help us  to remind everyone of  innocent  victims whom we have lost in massacre of Al-aqsa .    Al-aqsa the massacre through which 300 innocent victim were slaughtered will always remains in our memory until the end time. We will resist Israel enemy till the last beat of Arabs heart .

 Please help every person around you  in the wolrd to know the real facts of this aggression that killed over 300 men, women and children.This  page has been created in order to remember all the people who died.

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Our condolences to  Our Martyres  who died
In Intifada started since 29/9/2000 and still on .


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Last updated 10th October 2000 Written and   Designed  By Rafic Adnan  El-saleh
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