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Qana Massacre

Qana is a village in South of  Lebanon. It was attacked by the Israeli Terrorist Army in

April 18 , 1996.


If we hunt down their origin's .......... We   find , evil , harted , racism , criminers.
Please help us remind everyone of  innocent  victims whom we have lost in massacre of Qana .    Qana the massacre through which 100 innocent victim were slaughtered will always remains in our memory untill the end time. We will resist Israel enemy till the last beat of Arabs heart .



This Page contains images of a disturbing nature and is not intended for views below 18 years of age.

Our condolences to our  all martyrs who died
on April 18, 1996

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The baby Victim

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Some  baby Victims were Unrecognizable

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Another Victim  Another Baby

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Blooded Earth

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Carrying some Martyr

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Eight persons from one family

qana1.jpg (82014 bytes)
All  The Family killed except this father

qana5.jpg (70933 bytes)
Fahter Carrying his dead children

qana10.jpg (81194 bytes)
He is  dead in the Hospital

qana8.jpg (64453 bytes)
He is alone now because he lost his family

Our condolences to our all martyrs  who died in Qana Massacre
on April 18, 1996

This is the list of victims of "Grapes of Wrath", the Israeli campaign against southern Lebanon started April 11, 1996.

April 7th, the preliminary attack

Victims of the preliminary Israeli of April 7th.

The Ambulance

The following names are those of victims of the rocketed ambulance near Tyre:

Three other people died in the same ambulance:

The UN compound in Qana

The following people died at the UNIFIL compound where they were seeking shelter in Qana:

The victims in Nabatiyeh

These were victims of the rocketing of a house in Nabatiyeh that was overshadowed the same afternoon by the shelling at Qana.

Also killed in the same house were:

Other victims

Other people who were killed by similar Israeli bombings:

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