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Palestine Oasis

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Palestinian Popular Songs


Sounds of Folksongs

All occasions in the Palestinian life have their own songs.Weddings are the most popular times when people sing and dance
on the tunes of the popular songs. Usually there are certain singers (Zajjaleen) who lead the singing and the audience repeats after them.However, one can find people singing popular songs while working in the land or the factory.As any other form of poetry, popular songs treat different aspects: love, patriotism, wisdom, and others. In addition, there are different forms of songs which differ in the tune and the way of singing as
will be seen below. Most of the songs introduced in this section are men's songs in addition
to the most popular women's song (Zaghareet).

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Plaestine Flag

Palestine Freedom


Olive Branch

Palestine Fedayaen

The Death

The Palestine Martyres

Palestine Folklore song

Palestine Not For Sale Palestinian Zagareet Palestine wedding Song Palestine Zagareet 2
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