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Palestine Oasis
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Qana Massacre

Qana is a village in South of  Lebanon. It was attacked by the Israeli Terrorist Army in

April  18th   1996

Qana 96 , So We don't Forget ...

Please help every person around you  in the wolrd to know the real facts of this aggression that killed over 100 men, women and children.s page has been created in order to remember all the people who died.

On Tuesday April 18, 1996 Israeli 155mm howitzers shelled UIFIL's Fiji BATT compound in the village of Qana a few kilometers south east of Tyre. Around 800 civilians had taken refuge at the base. Israelis targeted the base in retaliation for the Hizballah attack on one of their special forces groups who were in action north and outside of the Iraeli occupied "security zone" laying landmines. Over 100 civilians were killed.

Our condolences to all who died
on April 18, 1996


These Pictures contains images of a disturbing nature and is not intended for views below 18 years of age.

Enter at your own risk.
They are killing and burning the children of  lebanon

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